The Influence of Emotional Stability on Employees’ Performance: A Review

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G. O. Oriarewo
S. A. Ofobruku
K. Agbaezee
Z. A. Tor


The research argues that employees’ emotional stability will enable workers of the organisation to achieve better performance. This study interrogated and affirms the nexus between emotional stability and employees’ performance, zeroing – in on self-awareness as the taxonomy for guaranteeing the ability for employees’ to meet the organisation expected requirement from time to time and establish the relationship existed between self-management and employees’ commitment. The research engaged a qualitative method with reliance on secondary data; the study also used the self-efficacy theory (ability to execute a particular behaviour pattern) as the framework for the textual analysis of apprehensions/themes floodlit the discussion, conclusion, and recommendations. Findings of this study revealed that employees’ performance is a product of emotional stability. The recommendations proffered are capable of addressing the holes and challenges.

Self-awareness, self-management, organisation expectations, commitment

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Oriarewo, G. O., Ofobruku, S. A., Agbaezee, K., & Tor, Z. A. (2018). The Influence of Emotional Stability on Employees’ Performance: A Review. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 2(1), 1-8.
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